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25 Ways to Send, Store and Collaborate On Large Files

Writing Great Titles and Headlines for Your Website

Whether you’re writing informative content for a business blog or the latest update for your personal website, writing eye-catching headlines that make sense is an important skill you shouldn’t take for granted if you want your website to get noticed.  Just as the subject line is the email’s first impression, the title or headline also poses as the key to driving people to read your blog post, article, or web page from top to bottom.

Clever Tricks You Can Do With Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the most powerful tools made available from our friends at Mountain View, but despite it’s huge potential it’s largely under-rated and doesn’t get the appreciation or the acknowledgement it deserves.

It’s been around for donkey’s years but is still in Beta, and the chances are you’re using it already in a simple way, perhaps to keep track of your own name to see whether

Beware of Third Party Facebook Application Security Risks

You’ve seen it all over the place…  Privacy Concerns, Security Issues, Identity Stolen, Dangers of Social Networking, Social Media Threats, Personal Information Sold.  All too often Facebook is the culprit; notorious for breaching the confidences of the hundreds of millions of users who have profiles on the ever-popular Social Networking site.  The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that their own investigations into Facebook uncovered that many of the more popular third party applications being used on

Launch an E-mail Marketing Campaign in 7 Steps

E-mail marketing has evolved, moving from simple one-way messages and autoresponders (now referred to as e-mail 1.0) to a much more sophisticated way of communicating with your customers referred to as e-mail 2.0. Thanks to advances in technology, entrepreneurs now have the ability to tailor the messages they send based on their customers’ interests, preferences and purchase history–and targeted e-mails yield greater results.

Battle of the Apps Fuels Smartphone War

Apple may still be king of the smartphone app but with over 90,000 apps Google’s Android is catching up. And creeping up too is late-starter Nokia with a vast handset base, writes MARIE BORAN

IT WAS the summer of 2008. Consumers were excited about Apple’s “revolutionary” new smartphone but the word “app” meant little or nothing to most people.

Wi-fi in Homes Can Be Hacked in Five Seconds

LONDON: Wireless internet networks in millions of homes can be hacked in less than five seconds.

The wi-fi hacking means criminals can spy on the activities of families, perhaps stealing their identity and banking details to raid their accounts, says a new study.

The hackers could also use the wi-fi access to tap into illegal pornography or upload and download stolen music and movies without being traced.