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The Three Deadly Sins of eCommerce Site Images

ecommerce eshop website irelandAsk any specialist in the field and they will tell you one thing: eCommerce is all about design when it comes to conversions. A snappy, well-engineered site greatly increases the chance of converting a visitor into a consumer. Likewise, a poorly designed online shop will deter clients. Images are one of the key areas that largely determine whether your visitor stays and buys something or closes the tab in disgust. Here’s the top three deadly sins of images in eCommerce design.

Swedish ISP to let users shield Internet activity from police

protect your internet privacySwedes have started to sign up for a free service from ISP Bahnhof to hide their Internet communications metadata from the police, and the company’s CEO is urging other European ISPs to follow suit. The Swedish ISP will start offering a free VPN (virtual-private-network) service to its customers on Monday.

That same day it will also resume retaining customer location and traffic metadata for

Reducing Abandoned Shopping Carts In E-Commerce

how to commit to saleIn March 2014, the Baymard Institute, a web research company based in the UK, reported that 67.91% of online shopping carts are abandoned. An abandonment means that a customer has visited a website, browsed around, added one or more products to their cart and then left without completing their purchase. A month later in April 2014, Econsultancy stated that global retailers are losing $3 trillion (USD) in sales every year from abandoned carts.

Proofreading Tools for Professional Writers

proofreading software

Claims that professionals writers use software that is wildly different from that used by other people and students is silly. The expensive software packages are used less than the free online tools or the ones that come with Microsoft Word, Office or Works.

How to increase traffic to your videos

Increase traffic to your videosVideo can be a powerful way to market your business and get your brand in front of a large audience. People love video, and it provides a way to get to know your company’s product or service in a way that blogs and other forms of media can’t. That said, no matter how awesome or informative your video is, if the right people don’t see it, it doesn’t matter.

Common Mistakes with Websites

Improving SEO for WebsitesIt’s apparent that in this new era of information technology, having a website is important to almost all businesses. However, many business owners, usually from small and medium sized companies have completed up their websites and then found them not performing to expectations. This is especially common for