1 December 2010

Few Tips to Launching Your New Product Successfully

The online industry has noticed many changes in the techniques and methods of adding new features to their products. The increasing competition has forced online entrepreneurs to come up with different ways to promote their products, but the question is: “Do we really need to be adding new features to our products every time?”

We all know that we need to focus the website visitor’s attention on a few core features which bring value to the visitors. The minute you start adding too many features to please every visitor, you bargain for too much attention. The result is that visitors get overwhelmed and confused without understanding the value. You’ve got to show the value to the user right away. You can’t waste too much of their time.

Building a new product allows you to get a fresh start where you can implement all your techniques to promote that product. The reason behind building a new product is that you are not bonded to serve the requirements of your existing customers, like you do when you plan to add new features for your already existing product. You can straightaway start working with your marketing team to give a powerful platform for your new product.


The basic components of an integrated launch plan include market and competitive analysis (e.g., focus groups and other forms of intelligence gathering), public relations (PR) strategy, marketing planning, advertising campaigns and market timing considerations. There is no question that launching a new product requires significant time and dedicated resources. However, teaming up with an experienced public relations/advertising agency can help make it a hitch-free process. The right strategy of your in-house team can create a launch plan that will help your new product take off at warp speed and follow a smooth path to success.

Take quality photos of your product from every angle to show off its details. Make sure you have a good number of photos of your product in use, as this will instill confidence in your potential customers. Choose a good name for your product that is unique and memorable, and write a number of short descriptions that could be used in marketing materials such as brochures or flyers. Design a unique packaging, making sure to keep it consistent with the other products your business offers. Being simple and being yourself, you can give your new product a boost which it requires for its successful launching.


  • Beat your revenue goals
  • Position your product strongly against competitors
  • Create maximum “buzz” with customers & the industry
  • Save time creating launch & planning documents
  • Learn best practices for product launches
  • Avoid costly (and possibly fatal) mistakes
  • Give your product the best possible chance of success
  • Leverage traditional and social media marketing

Moreover, launching a fresh new product allows you to utilize your full potential and creativity along with your marketing team. One should also emphasize its target audience and plan accordingly to make sure that your launch creates an effective impression on their minds. Emphasizing the advantages that your product can offer may also require some marketing gimmicks that can easily capture the attention of your target market.

In launching a new product, you can offer them with free product samples or huge discounts upon purchase. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be powerful resources, but don’t place all your eggs in the social media basket. Include Facebook updates and Twitter posts in your overall communication plan and include links to your product page that will get people onto your website where they can find out more.

Remember though, that the businesses using social media successfully are those that maintain a continual presence and that take part in existing conversations in order to offer useful information, not just sales pitches. In other words, make social media a regular part of your online marketing strategy; don’t just use it to promote new products. Always keep in mind that online customers believe on those whom they think are like them only. So you have to be very specific and down to earth to win their confidence. So it only makes sense to somehow make use of this, because the potential is there. Granted, not all product launches are equally successful, but most of them are and as you promote more and more of them, you start seeing which products are likely to succeed and which are less likely.

Show them your creativity, show them how much you care for their needs and requirements and you will surely get a good amount of customers for your product, but make sure customers are always unpredictable, therefore, stick to your core competencies and give your best and there will be nothing to stop your way towards success.

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