1 May 2014

Get A Disposable, FREE & Secure Email On Demand

free temporary emailYou click on an email link, or you see an advert in a newspaper maybe, that offers something for free.  You're tempted to sign up.  Trouble is, the site wants your email address in order to let you register, and you'd rather not give it out to companies you don't know.  But without a valid email address into which you can receive your registration code, verification number or password, there's no way to sign up for the snazzy service.

Sound familiar?

What you need is an instant source of free, disposable email addresses.  Then, when some site asks for your address, supply one of those disposable ones.  Use it to retrieve the password or verification code, and then forget all about it.  You'll never need to check it again.  Next time you need to register for something, just get another disposable address.

If such a facility sounds useful, check out https://www.10minutemail.com for a handy source of disposable addresses.  When you visit the site, your new address will instantly be generated at random.  It won't be particularly pretty (mine was a2574711@drdrb.net) but that's not important.  Just copy it to your clipboard, paste it into whichever site is asking for it, then flip back to the 10minuteemail window in your browser and you'll see your inbox.

No registration required.  No passwords needed.  And your temporary address self-destructs after 10 minutes, which should be plenty of time to use it for the purpose for which it was designed.  How handy is that?

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The above article was originally published article by the Gizmo's Freeware and can be seen here.