20 June 2011

Get Faster Loading Time for Your Website

Faster loading websiteThis is the virtual age, the age that belongs to the Internet, where time is considered a valuable asset and the consumer is spoiled with choices. Give the consumer what he wants, where he wants in an instant and you will survive the race.

Especially on the web, everything depends on your site’s response time. According to a survey that happened across 11 countries, an average user doesn’t wait for more than 3 seconds for your site to load. In other words if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load completely, you may well be out of business soon.

One of the two most irritating factors for any user on the Internet is Usability and Performance. You toil with any of these, and you can be sure of losing the customer base that you have created.

A site that loads faster and that is easy to use is always ranked high on the priority list of users. Ensuring that your site has a faster response time goes a long way in forming a credible image for your site as well. Here are a few points that ensure faster loading time for your website:

Use less images, animation and flash

If your site is crowded with a lot of images and funky animation graphics, then chances are that it may take a long time to load which can be pretty irritating to the users. Always use images and flash where they are really required, don’t just use them for the sake of adding a buzz factor to your site.

Employ a good web hosting server

Another reason for your site’s response time being slow could be the hosting server that you have chosen. Always choose web hosting services from a reputed company, one that has already made a name for itself in the market.

Use Cache Plugin

Using cache improves your site’s performance by storing data for future requests. This is one of the most widely used phenomenons to increase the speed of your site.

Avoid nested tables

Having nested tables not only is considered a bad practice, it also hampers the speed of your operation, avoid nesting and yes, also try to keep your code clean.

Remove extra stuff

Remove all the extra stuff that is of no need. Remove extra banners, ads that are of no use. Not only does this offer a clean outlook, it can do a world of good for your site as far as speed is concerned.

Improve your site’s performance to improve your business’s performance. Ensure faster loading time for your web pages and tag them along with the usability factor, trust me this simple strategy always works.

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The above article was originally published by Small Business Friends Blog on May 2, 2011, and can be seen at: http://smallbusinessfriends.com/web-design/how-to-ensure-faster-loading-time-for-your-website